Miniature Warfare 2010 at Legions

On Saturday, there was a historical miniature wargaming event at Legions: Miniature Warfare. 

The organizers had about 5 games scheduled before the event, which were available for anyone to walk up and play. There were two or three Flames of War events, a Sharpe Practice scenario in the Napoleonic period, an American Civil War scenario using Brother Against Brother, and a Sword and the Flame game.  At the last minute they added Jim Naughton’s game, a Battles of Napoleon scenario; and a modern Disposable Heroes game.

Unfortunately the organization and publicity wasn’t ideal.  Many folks came out and played pick-up games, including the normal Saturday gaming crowd, but the scheduled games didn’t seem to have a lot of attendance; some weren’t even run due to lack of players.   

Steve, JM, and I got there before the event started, and started playing BBDBA (battle reports are forthcoming for the DBA/BBDBA games). After that, Steve and JM played a small game of DBN while I checked out some of the other games, but I wasn’t as interested in some of them as I thought I might be.

I wanted to see what Sharpe Practice looked like, since it’s billed as a skirmish scale game.  It was still a lot more figures than I’d want to paint for Napoleonics, and they were 28mm.  I think in this case “skirmish” means it has a 1 man to 1 figure scale, but you still need a lot of figures/men to play a game.

The Sword and the Flame scenario looked really interesting, but not enough players showed up to actually run the game, and I was there long after it should’ve started anyway.

I pushed lead for a few turns in Jim’s Battles of Napoleon game, but there wasn’t much action on my end of the board, and I was planning to stop when JM and Steve were finished.  Unfortunately for all the Napoleonics players looking for new opponents, I’m still not very interested in this period.  I’d play a DBN event because I like those rules, but I still have no interest in painting for the period.

When the DBN game was finished, Steve left.  I played DBA with JM: my Spartans vs. his Athenians.  Next was a slow game of DBA with John: his Nikephorian Byzantines slowly extracted my Mountain Indians from their fortified positions in the woods and steep hills.

Then, John and JM played DBA with Byzantines vs. Alexander the Great. I looked around at games and products for a while, and when Jim was finished with Napoleon’s Battles, I played DBA with him.  Our second game was cut short when I needed to leave.

I feel like I might have forgotten one of the games I played; it seems like not enough games to fill the space.  Unfortunately much of the day there were 3 players for DBx games, so one of us just hung around during many of the games.

Overall it was a fine day of DBA, but unfortuantely we didn’t participate in the non-DBx games very much.   I suppose that’s not a downside if we weren’t interested in the games, though.  I think the best result was getting more historical gamers in the same room at the same time.  For future events, I think in order to succeed the event may need to be more strictly separated from the open pick-up gaming going on at the store concurrently.

  1. I have NO IDEA what you are talking about…but I just made a bookmarks folder for blogs I should take a peek at every so often, and yours is one of them. Hi!

  2. It's okay for you not to know what I'm talking about! Read my beer posts instead 🙂 I only think I know what you're talking about because I saw an episode of ER once… but I know I'm wrong.

    I'd never keep enough volume on each topic to run separate blogs, so my audience is going to have to learn to ignore the stuff they don't care about 🙂