Fall-In 2010 Plans

Fall-In is this weekend! JM and I are driving out tomorrow.  It’s in Lancaster, and we got a room in the Lancaster Host where the convention is, so we don’t have to leave the building all weekend except to go to the dealer hall (if it’s still out back).

Although I feel a bit burned out on DBA, it’s the main plan for this weekend.  I’ve basically packed the weekend with events; hopefully I can sneak out to the flea market once or twice.

We want to register on Thursday so probably won’t play in Larry’s Auxilirama game.  I won’t be bringing an eligible army for this.

Friday morning until 6pm is BBDBA doubles, and Team Red Meat has a plan.  Basically I’m going to lose and say “I hate you, Milkman Dan!” a lot like a whiny little girl.

JM and I are bringing Warring States: Chao (II/4c).  Two of the armies are mine and JM’s providing the third.  We aren’t likely to do particularly well, since we can count the combined number of BBDBA games we’ve played on one hand and some of those were against each other.  But we did think ahead enough that we hopefully won’t slow everyone else down too much.  I’ll post more on that after it’s done.

Friday evening is 1491: New World Dominance, an American army pyramid tournament.  I really enjoyed the pyramid format at Battle at the Crossroads earlier this year. However, with at least two Mound Builders in the Northern bracket, I’m very likely to face them, and they provide a formidable opponent to most other eligible armies.  I’ll be fielding my Tlingit (IV/11) with their newly completed camp, without a totem pole for now.

Finally, Midnight Madness starts at… well, 11pm.  I guess they call it “Almost Midnight Madness” now.  I’ll choose an army based on whatever I feel like at the time, but most likely Later Carthaginians (II/32) with warbands but no elephants.

Hopefully I’ll wake up in time for Armies of the Americas at 9am on Saturday.  This is a non-pyramid format tournament with the same eligible armies as the pyramid tournament.  I’ll be playing my Tlingit (IV/11) again.

At 1pm is an Open Scramble.  You play 4 rounds, but don’t use your own army until the last round.  In the first round you use your enemy’s army and after that the winningest players use the losingest armies until the last round when you use the one you brought.  I was planning on using Later Carthaginians (II/32) again, but come to think of it… maybe Gauls (II/11) would be better.  Or worse.  It’s not clear which is preferrable.  In any case, JM will use the army I’m not using.  They’re both beater armies, made up mostly from the quadruple Carthaginian army I got at the Historicon flea market. I won’t mind if they get a bit beat up by strangers.

5pm starts the Two Davids campaign: Gallic Wars. I’m playing Gauls (II/11) just like everyone else… but I’m using a modified list.  Oh! I’d better go bring figures for the unmodified version to use in the Open.

That’s “it.”  I’ve managed to pack 5 armies for 6 events, including 2/3 of a BBDBA triple army.  That’s not necesarily a good thing, though, since I’ll probably be sick of playing all of them by the end of the weekend.

Despite having a weekend full of DBA, there are other events I’m missing that I’d enjoy.  There are several Hordes of the Things themed events, and some 25mm events I don’t have an army for.

  1. Staying at the Lancaster Host? Wha? There is a great / nasty Days Inn just down the street at half the price. Man oh man, now that you are getting older I guess slumming in the Days Inn is no longer a treat. Hope you had fun.

  2. Heck yeah, staying at the Host was excellent… no offense to the Italian Villa.

    After Historicon at Valley Forge, where I drove 45 minutes each way, I really enjoyed being able to stay up late, play games, and drink beer with nothing but a short walk down the hall.

    Unlike "back in the day" I was also playing games starting at 11pm, so reducing travel helped a lot with that.