DBA Army III/40a: Vikings

Baueda Vikings: DBA III/40a

Here’s the army I’ll be playing in the Two Davids “Viking Fury” campaign game at Fall-In 2011: III/40a, Vikings.  JM and I bought identical Baueda figure packs for our armies, and I look forward to contrasting JM’s paint job with mine.

3x4Bd(gen).  “You’re not doing anything, you must be in charge.”

The Baueda figures are good: not the best I’ve ever painted, but also not the worst.  They have an extreme variation of poses, which is good for this kind of army, but they are also reasonably static poses that don’t get in the way of fitting the figures on the bases.


The army pack usually comes with a viking tent, but I already have one, so I ordered it without the tent directly from Baueda.  Unlike most DBA army packs, which provide only exactly as many figures as you need for the army, Baueda provides enough figures to build either III/40a or III/40b with all options, and you’ll end up with spare figures on top of that.  We also received additional free samples from Baueda, with even more Viking scouts.  Between our two army packs and the samples, we’re only short a few handfuls of figures to build a third army (not that we want to right now).

2x3Bd, 1x3Wb.

There are a variety of different shields, weapons, armors, and poses, resulting in a wider variety of combinations of those features.  I like the level of detail the figures include: they have belts and a few pouches, but the figures aren’t cluttered with a bunch of “what is that, anyway?”


The only problems I have with the figures are that they required a bit more cleanup than I’d prefer, and some of the individual figures have poorer sculpting than others.  The quality of faces varies widely across the figures, and some of them have rougher cloth sculpting and a few missing details.

1x3Bd, 1x2Ps.

I had some goals when painting this army.  I wanted a variety of colors and patterns across the army, but I also wanted a coherent look that didn’t end up as gaudy and garish as I think my Leidang turned out.  I also wanted to try some new color combinations, since I’ve been getting stuck on a few standards lately.  Overall, I think I achieved my goals, but only some of the experiments were successful.

I also used a new sand for the bases.  It has a higher contrast between darker and lighter grains mixed in the sand, which is more apparent at this small scale.  Overall it reads a bit lighter than I’d prefer, but it will probably work just fine.

Overall, once again I’m happy with the way this army turned out.  I look forward to trying it out with the special Raider rules that will be in effect during the campaign.