Turned Dice Bowl

Maybe it’s time for me to restart blogging about the projects I’m working on. I guess we’ll see if this sticks.

This is a dice bowl with locking lid I turned and carved. The first to pictures show it in unfinished state. I installed a felt bottom for rolling dice in the large compartment, and the lid holds the dice you aren’t using, as seen in the other pictures. It’s turned from American Black Walnut, a part of the collection of 6×4″ walnut pith sections I bought 20 years ago or so.

The lid is a bit looser than I’d prefer. I’ll need to work on that if I make another one.

The inspiration for the locking mechanism came from a turned wooden bowl with locking lid I saw pictures of, in the Länsmuseet Gävleborg online digital collection. Judging by that one, I can make the lock parts much smaller and still have it work just fine.

I’m not very happy with the overall profile of the bowl. The opening is too small for the interior space, and the lid looks small in proportion to the bowl.