Update: Epic Gruit

I hadn’t had any of my gruit in a long time, several months at least. I suppose with a limited quantity I wanted to savor it?

Well, today Marla was chopping a huge cabbage, and wondering what the heck to do with it, so I looked up making Sauerkraut. I was uninspired, bu I also remembered my gruit and decided to taste another bottle.

It tastes quite good. It’s sort of like a Belgian double style, with a bit of the sourness you’d expect in an Oud Bruin. There is a hint of the same herbal funkiness it has always had, but it’s toned down compared to what I remember from last time (Marla agrees).

So, I’m glad I still have some left; it would suck if it went bad and I wasted it. We’ll have to drink some over the holidays.

As I started to write this up, I went back and read my original post about the Epic Gruit. Coincidentally, I bottled a year ago today (November 22nd). The Epic continues, as all good epics do.