Too Many Goblins!

I’m glad I only bought one box of Battle of the Five Armies for now, because I am totally sick of painting these tiny goblins!

This is 8 units of goblins, with 3 stands per unit and 2 rows of figures per stand, or 48 rows total.  These 8 units are also a bit under 1/3 of all of the figures in the box.

As I mentioned in the Fanaticus forum: there are always too many goblins, they’re almost as bad as Romans!  At least these are in 10mm scale, I don’t think I could handle painting many of these in 28mm.

  1. Thanks! Like I said: too many goblins.

    Actually, these guys are inspiring me not to paint anything in 6mm. The 10mm guys aren't difficult at all, but it's very tedious.