Bike Shelf

After seeing the hand made bike shelves available at Knife and Saw, Marla and I were inspired to find a better bike storage solution than a hook in the ceiling.  Unfortunately I ride enough that the convenience of storing the bike right inside the front door outweighs the ugly factor.

So, Dad and I designed and built this shelf.  Thanks for your help! It’s more pragmatic than pretty.  I like the shape and proportions better than the Knife and Saw shelf, but we used practical high quality plywood instead of pretty hardwood.  I’ll put a better finish on it once the weather is warm enough to do this outdoors.

  1. That came out nice!

    Any hunch as to how much care is needed when cradling the frame onto the shelf so as to not dent up the TT? It seems like it'd be a pretty big lever…

    =- Joe

  2. Thanks!

    The top tube is just cradled by the two slots in the shelf, it's the same as if you were picking the bike up by the top tube. I don't think there's any way it would dent simply from the weight of the bike. Of course you wouldn't want to throw the bike around, that might dent it; but the static forces here are small.