The Offwhite Tower

Behold The Offwhite Tower,  impenetrable stronghold of the Pretentious Elves.

After showing off the preview of this tower, I’m not sure I have much useful to say about it.  It’s a Hordes of the Things stronghold, suitable for use with 25mm basing.  As buildings should be, it’s slightly smaller than true 25mm/28mm scale; but it’s also about 14″ tall, so it’ll probably be the tallest thing on the table most of the time.

I turned the tower on the lathe, in two pieces.  Then, I carved shallow areas for the windows, and scribed vertical lines to define the brickwork and shingles.  Finally, I added cardstock details around the lower windows and door.  It’s based on masonite with stones, flock, and static grass.

The Elven general stand was painted by Bob Barnetson and is representative of the army that will defend this Stronghold.