Hittite Camp

Here is a camp I built for my Hittites.  It is based on images in the Osprey book Hittite Fortifications, c. 1650-700BC.

The wall is built in two sections, each of which is the maximum size allowed for a camp: 40mm x 120mm.  The left section with the gate will be my camp for a single Hittite army, and I’ll add the extra wall section when playing BBDBA with a Mitanni ally.

The walls and towers are constructed of styrofoam cut on the bandsaw.  The crenellations are made of mat board, and the exposed beams are short pieces of balsa.  I brushed on water based primer and varnish, since spray paint and superglue destroy foam.  

At this point I’m officially finished with any modelling required before After Tax Day BBDBA.

  1. You produced a fantastic effect with the saw-cut bubble-foam there! I could never get it to work with a knife, but you've done an amazing job! That's an excellent piece.


  2. Thanks. What kind of knife do you use, a normal serrated knife or a hot knife?

    With the band saw, the blade does leave some "grain" on the foam. I put those stripey sides on the back and inside where they're less visible, and the front is all "raw" foam with the pebble texture. It takes drybrushing well, and you can draw detail lines with a pen if you want.