MTG Commander: Mogis, God of Slaughter

This deck is a hateful creation. For some reason it feels horrible to play against in 1v1, but isn’t as annoying in multiplayer.

Where the deck falls short is in how fun it is to play. Since most of the deck consists of pain and taxes, playing the deck well is more about pestering your opponents to remember your cards’ triggers, than making interesting gameplay decisions.

Even with all that trigger policing, if the deck wins, it’s typically a bit more Voltron: commander damage from Mogis once you have a few damage multipliers on the board.

It looks like I built two decks into one, again.

This was built long before Theros: Beyond Death came out; there may be some new enchantments that would be worth including. Many of the cards are just weird old cards I’ve never had a chance to play.

Mogis, God of Laughter

Commander (1)
Mogis, God of Slaughter

Enchantments (19)
Aether Flash
Ancient Runes
Citadel of Pain
Dauthi Embrace
Death Pits of Rath
Dictate of the Twin Gods
Gratuitous Violence
Haunting Wind
Impulsive Maneuvers
Last Laugh
Leyline of Combustion
No Mercy
Kaya’s Ghostform
Revenge of Ravens
Sulfuric Vortex
Theater of Horrors

Creatures (13)
Fate Unraveler
Forgeborn Oreads
Grim Guardian
Harsh Mentor
Heartless Hidetsugu
Hissing Iguanar
Immolation Shaman
Mayhem Devil
Sorceress Queen
Syr Konrad, the Grim
Torbran, Thane of Red Fell
Tunneling Geopede
Viashino Heretic

Spells (4)
Extinguish All Hope
Hour of Devastation
In Garruk’s Wake

Artifacts (26)
Ankh of Mishra
Bag of Holding
Charcoal Diamond
Commander’s Sphere
Darksteel Ingot
Dingus Staff
Endless Atlas
Fellwar Stone
Fire Diamond
Firemind Vessel
God-Pharaoh’s Statue
Grafted Exoskeleton
Iron Maiden
Mana Vault
Prowler’s Helm
Rakdos Cluestone
Rakdos Locket
Rakdos Signet
Sol Ring
Staff of Nin
Swiftfoot Boots
Tapestry of the Ages
Well of Knowledge
Wishclaw Talisman

Planeswalkers (3)
Jaya, Venerated Firemage
Ob Nixilis, the Hate-Twisted
Tibalt, Rakish Instigator
Lands (36)
Akoum Refuge
Bloodfell Caves
Cinder Marsh
Luxury Suite
14 Mountain
Rakdos Guildgate
Rogue’s Passage
Spawning Pool
Sulfurous Springs
12 Swamp
Tainted Peak
Urborg Volcano